TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder


This page contains fully functional evaluation copies of the TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder. Note that the evaluation copy will display a NAG screen, when your application is executed and in C++Builder.

Important: The TWAIN Toolkit for C++Builder is installed into the following directories:
  • Sample projects:  d:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder(x)\MCMDESIGN\
  • Components:  d:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder(x)\MCMDESIGN\
  • Online Help:  d:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder(x)\Help\
  • Compiled sample project:  d:\Program Files\MCM DESIGN\
  • Compiled sample TWAIN driver:  d:\Windows\TWAIN_32\
File nameVersionDateSizeRequiresEdition
bcb6twn.exe3.52014-03-242.018 MBC++Builder 6Demo
bcb5twn.exe3.52014-03-241.988 MBC++Builder 5Demo
bcb4twn.exe3.52014-03-241.897 MBC++Builder 4Demo
bcb3twn.exe3.52014-03-241.813 MBC++Builder 3Demo

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